Don't you guys love it when your ISP suddenly decides to change your public IP? The one you were using for months?

I know we're technically not getting a static address guarantee (that is for some reason something only companies can buy), but a heads up would be nice...

I spent like an hour debugging why my VPN suddenly couldn't connect...

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    Read into DDNS.
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    What @kescherRant said. Any semi-decent router can handle it and there are good free options like http://www.duckdns.org/

    For a private connection (i.e. when you don't pay for a static address) a regularly (e.g. daily) changing IP is better IMO, though mostly for privacy reasons.
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    A heads up?!

    Dude, that thing can change as often or little as they wish if it's dynamic. Mine used to change multiple times a day.
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    @AlmondSauce When the quarantine started my ISP used to completely run out of ipv4 addresses and it would randomly take me off the network (4-5 times a day), refuse a handshake for 15min and then reconnect with a different address.
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    Such is the life of IPv4
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    @Lor-inc Sounds like they didn’t know how to subnet very well. Or paid for too small of a block.
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    I've had a static one for years 😅
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