Whatever the f is wrong with numpy devs!!!!

Like seriously bro....

I can't import the effing sklearn.decomposition to do some basic PCA and the best solution out there is to downgrade it to version 1.16.1. Like hell!!!!

Issue has been known since last year, but guess who cares effukers

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    Man, numpy inventor already passed away. Have some respect gosh
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    @uyouthe seriously??!!! Clearly this isn't about the creator of numpy, but the devs who have been pushing the last two versions. 1.18 was the first one that had this issue and those tickets were closed on github because you could downgrade and work with it. I used the 1.19 and the issue still persists. That's about 1year and 8 months since this issue is known. But if you wanna call me out like this, go ahead!
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    That's is just classic python. Python 2 v 3 is going to continue to haunt us for years to come.
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    @PyVic man relax. I don’t like numpy api as well.
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    I always try to read numpy as an adjective.
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    @SortOfTested I hope it’s not a trend with python 3 vs 4 and so on
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    If you are paid to work with this stuff, why don't you go and fix the bug yourself? Don't forget this is a free software project maintained by volunteers
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    Fix it and PR if you can?

    also it's fucking numpy they can't even not trash half the stack on import or not corrupt data when resizing an array
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