When your boss asks for a web application that has drag and drop, resize, popup, fade inand out, dynamic styling and mobile compatibility but must work on IE8
You feel like:
Mission: Go to the moon
Tools: Broom's stick
Yeah i'll just pretend to be a witch and fly away

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    Programm it in flash xD
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    @heyheni I wish itwas that easy
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    Do you know postcss? Maybe that can help you
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    I'll be in the corner, crying in the fetal position.

    Recommendation from experience: Show said boss the w3schools.com browser statistics page. If they understand Return on Investment, and you've informed them of the technical hurdles with <IE9, they will rethink their position on IE8.
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    WHY IS IE SOMETHING PEOPLE STILL WANT TO SUPPORT?!? It was never a golden age!!!!!
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    The best part is that our potential clients are using IE8
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    Was it not to be run in a browser? IE is not a browser, its a life suking software from hell
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