hello. i'm a software engineer with about 4 years of experience, worked with c++.
a couple of months ago i started learned web dev, and now i have learned html and css, next is js.
i'd like to ask advice what on how to proceed, what to learn next? should i learn or build something? follow tutorials?

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    What's your goal? Are you looking to move into web dev as a career, just keep it as a hobby, develop anything in particular etc.?
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    @AlmondSauce i want to create websites or web apps as a hobby/side projects. but sure i want to do it not on medium level, but as best as i can, that's why i'm asking this question.
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    Its always nice to build something that you can show to the non-programmers & get feedbacks. Web development can be one of the ways but there are other ways too. but either way, you will have to learn to work with the web someday anyways, because of your future project requirements. So, its better to start something with the web.
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    @user4592357 If it were me I'd advise learning "core", modern JS - that being ES6 and newer, without any framework. (That shouldn't be too hard if you're a C++ adept.)

    From there, depending on your project, it may be worth learning a JS framework before building something significant - frameworks can help greatly, but the disadvantage is that there's a new one released every 5 seconds, and the popular one at any given moment changes almost as often.
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    move on with JS. I highly recommend codewithmosh JS series then move to mean stack like(react,node,vue) etc.
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    like in C++ one important thing is Design and Programming Patterns it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to then look at design approaches (stuff like material design etc.)

    The best thing you can do is simply just starting a small project and let it evolve with your knowledge of those three disciplines.

    You can take a look at JS Frameworks, but I'm under the impression, that they aren't really needed for side projects, unless it evolves into a huge one. Then stuff like NodeJS, Webpack, npm can be interesting topics
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