One coworker in my projects now.

I work with her on two projects. One project I'm doing a review on their test scripts and saw a lot of revision is needed on hers. It's fine, she may just need some help. Offered help and did sessions and gave explanations and samples. But she is still not finished. 2nd project I was acting like the project manager until the official PM gets assigned. Her tasks is just to create test data.

Little did I know she has escalated the 1st project to her team lead and manager and requesting for a project change. This is not the first time she did this project shopping bit. But what irks me the most is doing an emergency leave so you don't have to attend the meeting on one project you are failing and then not telling me as the acting PM on the 2nd project that you have an emergency leave. She may likely never thought there is need to tell because she did attend the meeting for the 2nd project later in the day. But for the 1st project I have to pickup her slack and do the test scripts because the PM in that project already was informed about her leave.

This would have gone to daily rant but she is the first one I've encountered who fails and somehow gets away with it and even gets promoted doing the same tactics. But she did that to our junior resources in other projects who may likely got burned out and resigned.

Crappy performance should not be rewarded. I hope this time our management won't look the other way.

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    Count your blessings, failing upwards is the status quo here. If you're skilled and accomplish work, you'll never get anywhere because you're too critical to success to promote.
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    @SortOfTested You have a point. They get away because they sell themselves too well. This is the first time I went out of my to comment about bad behavior. I like giving unsolicited commendations but this one struck a nerve. I hate liars. She gave an excuse to management she was sick, then to the PM in 1st project the excuse was they have an ants infestation to look for so it will not bite her baby. I'm pretty forgiving and patient but I don't like to be lied to and be taken a fool nor to see others be done the same. The emergency leave sounded like a lie and a motivation to get away from responsibilities. So I took screenshots of relevant dates and time so it won't be my word against your word. It's now management to decide "do-i-let-one-of-my-people-lie-to-me" or not.
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    Hope it goes somewhere. I've only ever seen management stick their neck out if it comes from multiple independent sources.

    The world seems to have evolved this unhealthy culture of conflict avoidance. It's sad.
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    I had a co-worker like this. When I resigned, she followed because she literally cannot do her own job. We worked in support and she would not answer her phone so it automatically lands on me as a secondary. There are shifting schedules communicated ahead of time and she'd still find the way and audacity to say she's in the province. She's MIA every time there's a critical issue. I swear to god, every time there's a work commitment, her answer is "Not sure if I can but I will try" like it's a fucking friendly outing and not what she gets paid to do.

    She was promoted to lead during that time because she has a brother who is a manager there and I was a contractor. Had to work two weeks straight including holidays and weekends because of this bitch. Didn't care all that much since I was paid by the hour and her laziness made me rich.

    They offered me regularization and the rank/pay was smaller than the bitch's. I didn't accept for plenty of other reasons.

    Rant on a rant. 😅
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    @rutee07 oh they are everywhere which helps keep DevRant alive 😀
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    @rutee07 was she at least hot tho?
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    @zemaitis God no. She thought she was though.
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