CSS devDuck and a bunch of ridiculously expensive medications

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    You chose CSS why? Is it that important to you?
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    @pxeger my favorite language ever. I used lisp, clojure, C, js, python, cpp, swift, actionscript, ruby and php. CSS is my favorite. If you choose to mess with me and tell me that cSs iS nOt a lAnGuAgE miss me with that group 1 shit. I don’t have time for this
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    @uyouthe action script <3 :D
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    Love css too, for its simplicity (in some ways)
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    @uyouthe hey i also like css a lot. Any tips for writing managable and scalable css ? Our current project uses like 8 files of 5k+ lines alongside bootstrap.

    Also some css comes from js classes. I guess their couldn't be done much about the 3rd party libs but i wonder how to manage our own css?
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    @2Large use css modules and define the structure using the very methods you use for imperative code. Those methods can be learned from every good programmer from Margaret Hamilton to George Hotz
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