Motivation : 0/0 available.

... Can this thing write itself, please? ceebs.

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    Had your coffee yet?
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    @Ranchonyx coffee, tea, and iced tea. 😴
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    0/0 is undefined,
    just like the boundaries of your capabilities,
    Go for it!

    All the best!
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    @sudocode that's zero out of zero 😝😝
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    What's the paper on? Anything interesting?
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    @AlmondSauce not paper. Notes I need to make for later when I write the thesis. Got some work done, and I'm fucked if I don't sit down and write shit today. (I know me. Goldfish memory)
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    @NoMad Godammit! I am trying to motivate you! Please co-operate! Lol
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    @sudocode ahahahaha. It's the thought that counts. #respect
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    @NoMad Hah, tell me about it. Yeah, you definitely need to write that stuff down otherwise you'll be kicking yourself later when you're spending days trying to work out what you know off the top of your head now...

    Our uni made us write a mini-thesis half way through our PhD with work we'd done, literature we'd found, studies we'd run, etc. as well as a detailed plan based on the above for how we'd spend our remaining time. Hated it at the time, but damn was it a useful thing to refer back to when I was doing the final write up, and it got me in the habit of writing up those types of notes too.
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    0/0 Motivation is like Schrödinger’s cat. Nothing can also be everything in this case
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    @010001111 🤔 True. I didn't think it philosophically this far.
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