Fuck you android and fuck you material design components. How pale is their elevation shadow? Shadow is so fucking pale that I cannot notice if I don't look very very carefully.

How terribly they designed their app bar component? It is designed so fucking annoyingly that setting app:Elevation doesn't do anything even I have implemented every every solution.

Fuck you material design components that doesn't support material design even you are official library.

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    Git gud
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    I think it's noticable enough. If you want it bigger, increase elevation or z-offset. If size of shadow is not changing with elevation, try setting clipChildren=false to parent layout(s).
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    I've never really hated or liked the design.

    But the god damn plus menu in the lower right, I don't get that, it's always jarring to me, always.
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    @WildOrangutan It's not clip problem since appbarlayout is direct children of root view and I am setting elevation to it.
    For shadow, setting app bar background white makes shadow very noticeable but when I use green(primary color), shadow becomes really unnoticable.
    I am going crazy.
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    @mabooky I just don't look down to the corner for a menu option most of the time. For whatever reason i don't really anticipate that often enough... and that circle + doesn't make a huge amount of logical sense. I know what it should mean, but I don't find it intuitive.
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