Dear the devs at Danske Bank UK,
For the 4th time in 5 years I am going to send a error report to you and get my local branch to directly email you to complain about the lack of being able to see anything on my ISA on online banking, plus just fucking fix it,
sincerely Hidden

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    *smoking a joint at Danske Bank UK*
    *receives mail*
    *Sees mail signature*
    Yoooo guys I know how to fuck with this customer.
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    @theDatron Here lad it not just me, the last time I was at the bank they openly said they knew about the issue and it had been reported over 1000 times in the last 6 months
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    @hidden I understand your problem. Been having a problem with my bank where their netbanking portal doesn't work with most retailers and payment gateways. It's really annoying.
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