I'm the kind of person that says "Fuck python, worst language, fuck C#, Java, Golang", assembly and C are superior.

But I have learned my lesson; Yesterday I learned enough C# to be able to make a windows app that connects to a another app via sockets. I tried first to do it with C++ but my app looked like shit and took me about a whole day to make. Then I tried with C#, got the App working on an hour, now I'm delighted with C#. I guess I have to be open-minded.

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    As with anything, pick the right tool for the job.

    While you can use a screwdriver for basically anything, having some variety in your tools will make your life so much easier.
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    You can say fuck "x" all you want, but one day that guy will be the right guy for the job.
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    I once interveiwed someone for an Ios dev job.
    When I asked what he prefered - xib/nib or storyboard (aiming for a usecase based answer), he told me none. insisted on C++ ftw.

    for iPhone.

    so yes - fancy screwdriver, but still....

    But.... JS really sucks. And to be able to truly hate a languge, you should be proficient in it. So you might understand my pain.
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    All languages have their place. I agree with @Root here I believe it should be looked at as it’s more of the right tool for the right job.
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    @unclesam C has its place, and it isn’t going anywhere soon.
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    @Root I doubt it will ever really be “gone” just like asm is never going to go away.
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    @unclesam I actually enjoy C more than C++. Well, not always, but when I can use it, I use it. Probably because most of the things I do are in the low-level sector.
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    I never thought I would enjoy anything starting with "C" untill I actually tried C# and found it to be very similar to other OOP languages I used. 6 months later I'm able to build working games in Unity.

    Not beautiful ones though, but it's a start and I enjoy coding in C#. Openmindedness is very important.
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