So my friend had an idea for a game and asked me if I could help him develop it. Now, he understands how the code works and can even write quite a bit himself. On several occasions (including today) this happened:

*writes code*
*tests code*
Me: Hmm... this isn't working like it's supposed to
Friend: It looks pretty good, maybe check to see if everything is in the right order
*checks code*
*tries alternative solution*
*checks again*
Me and friend: Well this is even worse than before
*presses ctrl+z a lot to go back to the original*
*opens new project*
*writes new code for same purpose*
*checks code*
Both of us: IT WORKS!!!
*checks again just to be sure*
Both of us: IT STILL WORKS!!!
*compares new code to original code*
Me: It's the exact same code with different variable names!!! Why did this not work before?
Friend: No idea
*puts new code into main program*
*it still doesn't work*

Reasons Java makes me cry sometimes

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    Maybe illegal variable naming perhaps?
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    @azous No, not that. I've tried a bunch of different variable names. It turns out that instead of using (screenSizeX, screenSizeY) in my function I typed (screenSizeX, screenSizeX) on accident. You can imagine how mad I was when I found that just moments ago. *facepalm at my own stupidity*
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    @saxman343 oh , that happens

    some other day I spent 3 hours to figure out one variable was initializing with one letter upper case and being accessed with this letter lowercase lol

    I fixed it and said to myself: OK, time for a break...
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    Typos, half the bugs
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