How do people remember to use and take off reading glasses? I had a caterat removed last week so the glasses I need are now reading glasses instead of the ones I use all the time.

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    Not being able to see clearly seems like a good place to start lol
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    @Stuxnet yea I guess that works
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    @Stuxnet yup, more than a few feet away with reading glasses...I know.
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    I don't remember. I'm supposed to be using my glasses but they have been in a drawer for months 😂 I'll go get them now, thanks for reminding me
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    Y'all must not be borderline legally blind like me or something bc holy shit I could never just forget my glasses.
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    @Stuxnet I recall once leaving the house without glasses only to immediately head back inside as I couldn't see shit. And my vision has gotten worse since.
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