Random profesional behavior reminder:

The fact that you're obviously from a minority doesn't automatically make you non-racist. Specially, it doesn't give you immunity for being racist towards other minorities.

Just saying! Be racist outside of office hours, if you can. Or just... Keep that shit to yourself. 💩

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    Ah, you must have missed the memo. <Insert minority here> can't be racist.
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    @AlmondSauce "you're white so you don't know" 😒😒😒 as if your skin tone stops people from discriminating.
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    I’m rapist cause of my gender.
    I’m racist cause of my skin color.
    I’m stupid cause I didn’t finish university.
    I’m a farmer cause I live in village.
    What else ?
    Seriously people.
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    @NoMad "you're a man, so you don't know" is the argument my feminist friend threw at me.
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    @Xamenyap 🤔 not sure about that one. What is the topic of that? Rape? I agree. Both genders know. Sexism in IT industry? Well.... I don't think you can understand it easily, but hey, I'd appreciate if you're fair and back me (non-specific female) up when I have to deal with it.

    On that same note, men are greatly discriminated against in jobs such as nursing and pre-school and elementary school teaching.

    You get where I'm going with this? You won't know discrimination in that specific field unless you are in a minority. And stuff about men and women, don't really work that way since in most places women are majority by a small margin. (at least in the western world, the gender distribution is in favor of women)
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    @Xamenyap btw, in case my previous comment is not clear: I may look white, but I'm mixed-race, plus I grew up in a mixed environment. And unless I act absolutely and disgustingly white, people pick up on my behavior. Which, for some reason, only minorities think "is not a big deal".
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    @NoMad I'm also mixed rice.
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    @rutee07 ahahaha that's the best rice!

    I once had a fling with a chick who was half Filipino, half middle eastern. Sooooo pretty. (but a bit psycho, admittedly)
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    @NoMad Yeah, we're a land full of psychos. Nice white sand beaches and psycho bitches. The best mix.
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    @rutee07 🤔 is that so? I always assumed that one particularly had issues. I've had other Filipino and Indonesian friends who were very sound and good people.
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    @NoMad Just kidding, hahaha. Making it rhyme.
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    @rutee07 the nice white sand beaches sound awesome tho.
    Best bitches are white beaches 😉
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    I watched a situation like that play out at a big company who should have known how to handle it but couldn't.

    I wasn't involved but could see it happening.

    The frustrating thing was watching HR not have a clue what to do about it (I don't have a high opinion of many HR groups, they're not there 'for' you, but this was even worse than I would expect).

    It involved some minorities with foreign backgrounds and was directed at similar people. All of the mandatory training and HR's POV was majority or male imposed bigotry on others.

    HR seemed incapable of knowing what to do when there was overt racism expressed from minority to minority (to be fair, I'm not sure they'd know what to do with any kind of overt racism but the fact that the bigots were minorities seemed to stop them in their tracks).
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    @N00bPancakes yeah, like there's a tax on telling people "don't be a dick/cunt"
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    Haven't you heard? Minorities can't be racist, and calling them racist is blatantly ignorant of their race. (Which is totally not what not being racist means)
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    Black as a term is a racialized classification. White as a term is also a racialized classification. The terms “white” and “black” are both categories that reference who is slave and who is not. Before “black” the word was “negro” which is black in Spanish. Neither word acknowledges origins at all.

    I’m as much against the classification “white” as I am against the term “black” “red” or “yellow”. If we want to talk about origins and cultures then we should stop using colour classifications.

    I am one generation away from imprisoned, uneducated, farmers and refugees. I’m actually only 3/4 European. When someone calls me “white male” and talks about all my privilege they are squashing and rebasing the commit history for my entire codebase. Colour based terms are all used for prejudice.

    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slaven nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3:24
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    @Xamenyap I have heard this one too. I like to respond with "Does an obstetrician need to be pregnant to medically specialize in pregnancy?"

    What if patients said "You aren't pregnant so you can't understand this."
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    @irene but how else do you address suppression of a group that is principally based on their skin color? I'm not gonna minimize their pain, sorrow and fears (which is what oppression is about) and I don't think the terms can vanish yet, (or not as long there is oppression based on color) all I'm saying is that being a minority doesn't automatically make you not-a-racist. Be it black or yellow or red or purple with polka dots.
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    Alrighty, this is officially becoming political. Was not my point. Point was, keep it out of the office. We don't need the next scientific breakthrough to be postponed because some scientist's feelings were rightfully hurt enough to give up.

    Just, keep it out of office! That is all.
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    @NoMad it is a detail oriented problem. Stop looking at it as a skin colour problem look at it as a human problem. Focus on helping individuals at a level that you as an individual can influence. If enough people do that things change.

    Looking at it from the colour level is like a manager banging no their hands on the desk saying “fix it now” when prod goes down. There are specifics that need to be addressed but the manager can’t drill to the details enough to make a change themselves.
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    @irene am not a politician, and also don't care if US burns to ashes because it can't give one minority to right to live.

    I just don't want to be on the wrong side of history. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @NoMad When a legacy survives it will always survive to be in the wrong side of history at some point. That is why “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” is poised as an opposite to following God in the Bible.
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    @irene last time we really followed Bible, we ended up in the dark ages.
    Just saying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @NoMad Wasn’t the dark ages because the Roman Empire collapsed and left an organization with absolute power to become dictatorial in its territories? That organization did what they thought was right in their own eyes much more than following the Bible.
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    Seeing as I don't have an identical twin brother, I am the only human with my DNA (not an absolute certainty, but a very high likelihood) and as such I declare myself a minority, too!
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    @TheCommoner282 that makes you an outlier, not a minority 😜
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    I'm from a country where white people are the minority. Still we're accused of being racist most (I mean, there are of course people who are but y'all know what I mean)
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    @TheBeardedOne to be fair tho, apartheid...
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    @NoMad Yea, look there are defiantly still a lot of racists about but there are also a lot of "Oh you disagree with me about anything? That's got nothing to do with race? You must be racist"
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    @TheBeardedOne I'm glad we agree!
    There are racists, and then there are people who enjoy acting victimized.
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    ... And also many racists who try to logically justify their racism but that's beyond the point.
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    @NoMad Yea, some people just love pulling the race card. Usually, those are the people who don't really have other cards
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    @NoMad Yea exactly. There's so many better places to direct hatred anyway, like Delphi
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    @vane I've actually been thinking a lot about how to answer that. My personal opinion is that you're none of those, unless you commit the act. But then, if someone is getting raped and you (non-specific) just watch, doesn't that make you an accomplice? And maybe not even watch, if you do absolutely zero and ignore the situation...
    Same with: are you not racist even if you stay silent against racial discrimination?
    Stupidity and university are absolutely irrelevant imho, so I'm not gonna address that.
    Not all who live in villages are farmers, but no farmer lives in a town either.

    So by removing the last two arguments, this is what I'm gonna say: staying silent does make one an accomplice in an immoral act. And that's the problem. You can see on this same rant people justified why they should not do anything to help a minority stand against discrimination and injustice.
    It doesn't matter that you didn't do it, it matters that you didn't do anything about it either.
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    @vane does that ^ make sense?
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    @NoMad You can’t say inactivity is equivalent to some kind of participation. There are more issues and injustices than you can even find. Knowing about injustices and doesn’t make you a more “ethical” person either.

    For example most people know that chocolate is picked by slave children that have been abducted from their families. That fact hasn’t damaged the chocolate sales.

    So why not focus on the things you are near enough to influence? That has infinitely higher rates of return for the efforts.

    No more chocolate campaign vs helping a single child in your community learn to read. Which has better return?
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    @NoMad I didn’t expect an answer this was just simple reminder how most media pick hot topics make assumptions and antagonize people against each other.

    It’s repetitive like in some cult that tries to reprogram my beliefs.

    I don’t know who is right and who is wrong in this game I am just a player. What I understand is that someone demands to respect their rights to be free as I am from country that fought for independence for around 200 years. I saw people put to jail for 25 years and then found they’re not guilty cause someone made stupid assumption cause it was easier.

    Only thing I can say for sure is that your freedom ends where my freedom starts and I am not judging people assuming they’re bad cause they say or do bad things. All of it is very bizarre, and if we’re antagonizing people because they believe in something we should all shoot ourselves in the head.

    After all we’re all only humans that were raised in different families, spent time with different people who more or less shaped us. We’re all exposed to different environments and situations have access to different things. I don’t want to make assumptions. That’s shallow.

    If media stop being stupid and start being media that in last century was showing two points of view and trying to explain and understand without assumptions why those people say or do those things we would live in better world now we live in some shit hole where you’re by definition bad cause you know with people who made bad things you didn’t know anything about and everyone calls you liar.

    That’s what I see today.

    That’s fucking bullshit.

    Sorry for long text.
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    @NoMad I will make it shorter.

    Sorry but you’re assuming that everyone will behave the same in all situations that is correct judging by your beliefs or beliefs of some group of people. I hope the first one.

    I believe everyone will behave differently no matter what situation there will be and we all instead of assumptions that it is bad or good should talk to all of the parties and understand why and how it happened.

    That’s my logical point of view.
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    @vane I think people make some generalized responses. Not every response will be different.
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    @vane behaving differently in matters that are not related to moral principal, sure. I don't expect "everyone" to behave morally, but some should. And we have laws to even ensure that.

    Also, a random reminder, that in most countries you will be charged with aiding and abetting, or failure to report a crime if you literally ignore or cover up about an actual crime. (let's say, rape) some have served jail time over it.
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    @irene most people do not know that. never eating chocolate again, it is for me. 😛
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    @NoMad but there is no such thing as moral principles. There is time and things that happen. There are reactions and interactions. In fact your final destination is known when you’re born. You don’t even know how much time you have. There is only today or this hour that matters. Adding some meaning to existence will have no meaning without other people.
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    @irene maybe they don’t say what they think cause they’re afraid to be rejected.
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    @vane I’m not sure what you are responding to in this thread. That is often a motivation for someone not saying something.
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