Just going to leave this here: https://github.com/armancodes/...

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    @F1973 He is not accepting his pull request because he is from Israel. I mean... did we have looked at the same thing? What is here unclear? He could accept it and go on, instead he told him to fuck himself in a professional way.
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    @carboneum it's not about those two developers
    Recently happened Israel UAE deal took a massive toll in middle east politics.
    Even I'm not up to date with each and every news. But middle east politics is some complicated shit.

    I really appreciate those 2 developers for being so professional with each other knowing their boundaries. Otherwise that single PR can make another political moment for middle east.
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    Devs should be above any political bullshit and clever enough to merge the code without anyone finding out.
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    @PaszaVonPomiot But what does it mean to be "above" politics. If you work for, say, the NSA, are you "above" politics because you are not going to boycott working for them even though they spy on everyone? If you decide you'll never work for them it's certainly a political move, but I bet all of us would think twice before we took that job.

    Politics is part of the world and software is part of the world. They'll eventually have to collide.
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