I'm somehow beaten.

I took a look at Bamboo today because I will later inherit it.

And ... I just can't make sense of it.

I've tried googling, but I'm kinda lost because most stuff I find is half baked or not "complex" enough - as in missing things we do.

The whole UI just leaves me with WTFs.... Honestly, if anyone has good resources I'd be pretty thankful.

I tried today 4 - 5 hours to make sense of it...

But it all leaves me with the gut feeling that Bamboo is either for automatic deployment only ...

Or manual with a ton of duplicated stuff.

Both conclusions feel completely wrong to me ...


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    It's past EOL in atlassian's cloud stack. They don't plan to do the same with onprem until it decays far enough that they aren't making money off it anymore. Either way, I would expect much in the way of documentation or support. It's a good time to start considering pipeline alternatives.
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    @SortOfTested great....

    Why must I always be the trash collector....

    I don't think we can switch. Not in short time. So....

    Let's see if maybe someone has enough documentation to create a duct tape ball of EoL shit
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    There's like 5 of us who care about keeping packages and stacks current. Everyone else is content to continue running the same '84 geo metro until the wheels fall off, and only if new wheels can't be reasonably welded on.
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    @SortOfTested Yeah.

    I'd usually be for switching.

    But I've - in a nutshell - rewired and migrated the whole network the last half year.

    I want a motherfugging break.

    Maybe next year... But the network stuff needs to be rolled out and heavily tested for 2 months plus....


    Any favorites regarding pipelines?
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    Gitlab and AWS are alright. Most devopsy shit can be teeth pulling. I simplify it by containerizing everything so all my pipeline builds just run a docker build and the supportability details are moved out of that concern
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    > "Bamboo today because later I will inherit it"

    is it some new gen talk for taking in ass or something? XD
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    (ps: any talk could trigger the horny in me at nights, but this was just plain out there)
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    @2Large something like that I guess...

    Nah. I'm just tired and my brain is failing.

    I need to change atm a lot of package environment stuff so I got the admin access to our Bamboo service.

    And looking at it... It needs some tough love. Like in beating the crap out of it tough love.

    And it's unlikely atm that anyone else can do that except me.

    So I want to prepare now...

    That's why I looked at it more thoroughly today.

    As long as it's somehow working I don't want to change much - but the knowledge that I don't have a good feeling about bamboo and that my own knowledge is too limited...

    Leaves me no choice but to find a way to prepare for the very likely event that it will die in the most surprising way.

    And since it's calming slowly down in my work queue I want to start now so I'll have a plan when the shit hits the fan.
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    @2Large oh and regarding the horny stuff

    I'm too tired. If you want sex with a living dead....

    I'm here sipping ma beer
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