I got a question about the devrant api.
I’m trying to query the 1000 most recent rants with the /rants endpoint. Trying to get 50 rants per request.
After about 550 rants queried, the api response starts being essentially empty, but the success flag is set to true.
Am I running into some underlying limit preventing me from viewing more rants?

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    either rate limiting or the api just sucks, not sure how to bypass this tho
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    &skip=700 Working for me
    &skip=1270 it maxes out.

    Last rant I can pull up is 2953192
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    @Skayo @C0D4 Thanks for the replies! Looks like for skip=550 I’m only getting 46 rants and skip=600 I’m getting 0. I tried rate limiting it to 1 request per 10 seconds (seems very reasonable) and no change. I did specify sorting by most recent btw.
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    @C0D4 Oh actually if I sort top or algo I’m seeing the same limit as you...
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    @FelisPhasma ah, recent gets me to 550.

    Must be an api limit 🤔

    Maybe @dfox put something in place to prevent scraping everything.
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    @C0D4 welp... that’s a very reasonable but depressing development. Thanks for the help! I’ll figure something else out.
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