I have a client who wants his website to look like a goddamn PDF. I'm really considering making his site in a Word document, exporting it as a huge image and just slapping it in the HTML.

Fucking motherfucker. I should charge more for dealing with this bullshit.

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    Why does he want that? Does he not understand how archaic that would be?
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    if you upload the pdf, wouldn't pdf.js handle it?
    u can have links :D
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    I live in a corporate world, and get handed a pdf from the "designers"

    Or is this a literal "can't you just use this" moment?
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    @coffeeholic That's..... huh. That's not a bad suggestion :)
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    @C0D4 the second one, which is just ughhhh
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    Get the pdf in google docs and export it as html. Then Lint it with eslint. You could also ask them to export the document as html and give it to you
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    Easy money isn't it? You only need exported word document 🤣
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    @alexbrooklyn I don't want to be ageist, but he's one of those old-school entrepreneurs who believes newspaper ads are still more effective so he himself is most likely archaic in that sense
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    @Kairpooph 🤦‍♂️I guess @coffeeholic has the right solution then 🤣
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    Don’t feel bad. Our UI designer demands pixel perfect. That means all CSS is overrides. All of it. Want to see unmaintainable projects? Override literally everything.
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    You could export the Word doc as HTML, though when I last did that it made such a hash of it, I had to tweak it here and there to get it to display the exact same as it looked in Word !

    I had the same issue trying to send CV's in Word format, they would often come absolute trash on someone else's system.

    The only way I could be sure they looked like they was supposed to, was to send them as PDF files..

    Actually, on my website in question, I had a download link for the site in a PDF file. :-)
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