I have a client who wants his website to look like a goddamn PDF. I'm really considering making his site in a Word document, exporting it as a huge image and just slapping it in the HTML.

Fucking motherfucker. I should charge more for dealing with this bullshit.

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    Why does he want that? Does he not understand how archaic that would be?
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    if you upload the pdf, wouldn't pdf.js handle it?
    u can have links :D
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    I live in a corporate world, and get handed a pdf from the "designers"

    Or is this a literal "can't you just use this" moment?
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    @coffeeholic That's..... huh. That's not a bad suggestion :)
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    @C0D4 the second one, which is just ughhhh
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    Easy money isn't it? You only need exported word document 🤣
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    @alexbrooklyn I don't want to be ageist, but he's one of those old-school entrepreneurs who believes newspaper ads are still more effective so he himself is most likely archaic in that sense
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    @Kairpooph 🤦‍♂️I guess @coffeeholic has the right solution then 🤣
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    Don’t feel bad. Our UI designer demands pixel perfect. That means all CSS is overrides. All of it. Want to see unmaintainable projects? Override literally everything.
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    You could export the Word doc as HTML, though when I last did that it made such a hash of it, I had to tweak it here and there to get it to display the exact same as it looked in Word !

    I had the same issue trying to send CV's in Word format, they would often come absolute trash on someone else's system.

    The only way I could be sure they looked like they was supposed to, was to send them as PDF files..

    Actually, on my website in question, I had a download link for the site in a PDF file. :-)
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