My quest towards privacy goes on.

Apparently TabNine AI autocomplete talks not only to api.tabnine.com, but also to serene-waters-6626.morning-tundra-7160.herokuspace.com.

Too bad I got firewall on both incoming AND outgoing connections.

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    Is TabNine supposed to respect your privacy?

    Anytime I see AI I just assume it's highly likely they ship all the data they can get off to someplace else and who knows what happens then....
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    Using vscode?
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    @linuxxx yes. I'm aware that there is no thing as "extension container" in vscode, it's just like running an npm package. I also remember all that npm malware hysteria.

    My firewall is always on.
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    @uyouthe Search VSCodium 😉
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    @linuxxx oh thanks!
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    @uyouthe I luckily mostly use NetBeans but that one moment that VScode would work better I use VSCodium since its literally VSCode with telemetry etc stripped out :)
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    @linuxxx Though that wasn't directed to me, thank you for the suggestion !
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