Here's the changes I propose to the world:
– Every grave should display the formal death cause. Like "asphyxia", "cardiac arrest", etc, not like "was shot dead".
– Every member of a firing squad that performs an execution should have real ammo. There should be no moral escape such as "at least I could be the one with fake ammo so I'm not guilty". Yes you are.
– The word "disk" is deprecated and replaced with "disc" everywhere.

Everything else in this world is fine.

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    Why deprecate it? Just delete it entirely and watch other world services break because they refuse to upgrade
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    @alexbrooklyn I’m talking about changing the world. They are hypothetical and momentary, like transition into an alternative timeline
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    Submit your PR and hope it gets accepted...
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    @kamen Is god strict with code reviews?
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    Disc is ugly ant against usual english
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    @iiii you understand nothing.

    Disc is a nostalgic, majestic term.

    disk is a plebeian slur word.
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    @uyouthe round platter is the tool of gods
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    @alexbrooklyn Why do you think it's a god who gets to decide?
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    @kamen who else would check it? Or is there only a build pipeline validation step 🤔
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    Mine would just say, "Life."
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    Disc is for frisbees and optical discs.
    Disk is for physical drives.

    Some members of firing squads don’t have ammo? Really? Also, firing squads are still a thing?
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    @Root there is one random member with fake ammo so EVERY member thinks that “it may not be me”
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    @uyouthe Weak minded idiots.

    If you’re aiming with the intent to kill, it doesn’t matter whether you have ammo or not.
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    @Root This isn't widely known because it would be difficult to morally defend the death penalty when you can't get 12 guys to shoot a criminal so you have to play fucking Russian roulette.
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