IIS and Windows Server

It crashes every hour!

Thank god I develop on open source platforms!

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    Not true.
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    There are IIS servers that handle million requests every minute, and of course they dont crash every hour - they don't at all - maybe you have considered the option that you don't know how to use IIS?
    It makes me so angry, dumb people accuse the software to be dumb.
    And one last thing, I like open source, but please stop with the stereotype "open source is better not matter what".
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    Maybe time to troubleshoot for realsies?
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    I use IIS, never had a crash before.
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    IIS vs Linux based server, who would say that IIS is better ? ( If you don't have any MS requirement )
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    @Sladix someone can actually say that IIS is better, because, you know, your opinion is not everyone's opinion 😉
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    Maybe it's just our windows web devs then haha!
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    @altermind ha-ha I won't blame you if you think so, just curious to see if someone does prefer IIS server for a standard web application.
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    We host asp and php with IIS. A lot of things are made easier by using IIS. For instance certificate installation.
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    @jacojvvdev webmin makes it pretty easy too
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    Something is really wrong then as it works quite stable.
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