How to replace rEFInd bcuz M$ locks linux out of your system if M$ installed first.
This will be long so get your salsa ready.

1. Get your rEFInd from sourceforge
Since we are installing INTO windows, dl the zip.

2. extract to a folder.

2-a-: Install themes if you want any or edit the config if you want/need to, at this stage.

3. open a cmd as Admin and cd to the refind's folder.

4. mount system volume
`mountVol S: /S` will mount it to S:

5. use xcopy to copy as system
`xcopy /E refind-bin-x.xx.x\ S:\EFI\refind`

6tynice: go to System volume and to the refind folder
`cd EDI\refind\refind`

7:Set rEFInd as Windows Boot Manager
`bcdedit /set {bootmgr} \EFI\refind\refind\refind_x64.efi`
(It's possible to use ia32 or aa64 for different architectures)

At this point, try plugging a linux thumb drive and restart your computer. Windows Boot Manager should be deactivated and should show refind.
You can use mouse and keyboard to select an OS boot or just set config to start one automatically unless you are holding a "power" button.
rEFInd also offers "fallback" boot for linux, which boots the efi from rEFInd and not from syslinux.

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    @f1973 sorry man I forgot due to school stuff
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    @melezorus34 rEFInd is such a gem! It saved me a few times already
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    @melezorus34 I forgot what we were trying to achieve. Backup drive?
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    @F1973 bootloader bcuz m$ locks linux if the windows is installed first.
    I'm talking about both uefi and legacy linux here.
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    1. MS locks Linux? Really? I cannot have a dual boot now if Windows is installed first? When did this change?

    2. Using this method I can install Linux while operating into Windows and not by USB drive and going through the installation setup?

    3. Then I assume my machine would be a dual boot system, right?

    I hope things don't go crazy with this experiment as I cannot afford data loss or brick my computer as I have some important stuff coming along.

    Favourited. Thanks for the post bro :)
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    1. Afaik it's either 1803 or 1903 when it tries to upgrade to UEFI windows from legacy (yea that was a thing) and UEFI windows bootloader most of the time can't be affected to launch anything else.

    I tried installing linux to my thumb drive as usual and it didn't work, so I changed evrry bios setting but it didn't boot until I tried on another computer.
    FreeDOS my ass.

    2. You can always install linux on windows via installing an emulator and mounting an empty drive, however this (rEFInd) doesn't mean its launching linux inside windows, it's just a bootloader.

    3. Always backup! However, it worked on my machine 😂 Try making an empty partititon (RAW/FAT32) on windows and unmount if it needs to.
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    @melezorus34 got it.

    Let me keep this post with me. Once I get some spare time of a day or two, I'll experiment.

    And yes, Backups and backups or backups. Learnt the hard way over years 😂
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    This is why I have physically separate boot devices. Linux on one, windows on the other.
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