Reject “what if they sell my emails”, accept “what if my own mailserver fails”.

Escape a paranoia by establishing an entire new kind of paranoia.

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    Well at least you can create redundancy for your server
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    You're crazy, but not painfully crazy. I kinda like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Linux what backups? If all six of my postfix servers are configured with the same errors made they will fail together. No data lost but people can’t reach me
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    Have embraced this long ago :p
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    I like the way youre thinking
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    @uyouthe hey - if no one can reach you then no one can tell you how your stuff is broken and isn't working. And as the saying goes: "don't fix what's not broken".
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    Having phone problems?
    Give us a call.

    – Verizon
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    Six postfix servers?

    Two is enough,

    One is the "Main" One, the One that you have daily backups of.
    The second is a backup MX.
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    @Linux both set up by the same person who don’t know shit about how to set them up.
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