I am Python backend developer. Thinking to become data scientist . Am I taking right decision?

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    you're saying that as if all you need to enter the field was previous Python experience
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    Wow, I recommend adding a few more things to base your decision on!
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    You can try it and turn back if you don't like it
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    We have no idea what your interests nor skills are. So: null
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    I like data science it’s pretty dope with python but that’s just my opinion. Idk what you enjoy and stuff
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    @Bubbles it intrigued me but I don’t want to get lost so want to follow a track which make sense and make learning smooth
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    @Root None not null
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    @dummy I understand, but what do you want to do?
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    Sure, if you're in a position to get the degree to enable you to obtain employment as a data scientist, knock yourself out.
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    Sure. Go ahead.
    Most DS ppl are making it up as they go along.
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    @Bubbles final goal is to switch from backend developer to data scientist but can’t leave my job because of dependent. I am planning to learn from coursera. Is that bad idea?
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    @SortOfTested kind of but can’t leave my current job so need to in parallel with my job.
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    @dummy learn with what helps you learn the best id say. I personally learn best from books (and practice obviously) and if you feel confident or ready in general I suppose go for it
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    With all the data you provided I can say assuredly: maybe.
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    Data science is made to answers this kind of questions. So why don't you take it as your first DS project?

    *so meta*
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    With very little info about you other than the fact that you know Python, I can't reliably suggest to you if becoming a Data Scientist would be right for you.
    Do you know SQL?
    Do you have the Data Analysis fundamental down? Do you have any interest in ML, DL, NLP, Visualisation and Exploratory Analysis?
    Do you know scikit-learn, panda, etc?
    Have you done any DataSci projects before?

    If you mentioned ML Engineering, then it would have been an easier answer but Data Science itself is something else.
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    @dummy You asked a yes/no (Boolean) question and did not provide enough information, so I cannot answer. Thus, null.
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    If you are falling into the hype, or just having a FOMO then don't. Python is just one tool for DS world. There hell more skill sets and domain knowledge required.
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