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    While I agree Tata is a great company with great ethics, I believe these so called leaders pretend something in front of camera and live something else.

    Tata is surely an exception and take my thoughts with a pinch of NaCl.
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    Well fuck all of those celebrities and CEOs telling me how to live and be successful. Now you’re saying cause they listen to you cause you’re so special, fuck this shit it’s like watching soap opera.

    I want to hear something from people how they happen to be not successful despite they tried and failed many times. That’s more interesting then another lucky fucker who think he know everything.

    Or born with rich parents and how fucking smart he is. Fuck them.
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    I'm sure that very easy to say when you were quite literally born with a silver spoon as the heir to an empire. The furthest he could fall was a life of luxury.

    This is the epitomization of privilege. It's let them eat cake.
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    *checks my Tata stocks and rising dividends*

    Yeah, right! Really inspiring stuff!👏👏👏
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    @sudocode they always say

    Invest in Reliance and work for Tatas. You seem to be doing reverse.

    @vane couldn't agree more.

    @sortoftested well.. I am something of a fan myself.. privilege is the thing which goes unnoticed. Always.
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    It's primarily men that don't notice privilege, just saying.
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    @F1973 Why not invest in both instead. Never been a better time tbh.

    Also, my point was that publically traded companies go an extra length to maintain their public image as fair and ideal cause that directly translates to money.
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    oh look, another fucking dipshit who has everything handed to him on a fucking silver platter telling others that they should JuST tAkE it EasY and EnJOy LiFe
    like, perhaps i would if i were half as rich as you, motherfucker, but unfortunately i am far from that
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    The thing with all these speeches and quotes is that they instill admiration.
    But this quote from bleach sums it up:
    "Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding" -Aizen
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    Starfucking is universal, unfortunately. It got our shit heel in chief elected.
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