Post on Craigslist: Need simple website. No coding, HTML and CSS only. Send price and examples.
Me: I need you to answer 4 questions before I can send a price.
Them: I really like your work, but if you cant give me a price without me answering any questions then you arent a good fit.

Yeah.... I feel for the guy that picks this one up.

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    I've stopped getting clients off Craigslist for this reason. Also they try to lowball you for it just like they would try to do for a car or dresser you're selling on there.
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    @geekhq-stevo every once in a while you get a gem, but they are few and far between.
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    you guys search on Craigslist? wtf. Aren't there better places?
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    @chrome I dont search. I get alerts. I wouldnt waste my time searching Craigslist.
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