pure evilness...

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    Fuck I know that at some point I'm gonna do that
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    "Why is cd asking for my password?"
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    @SortOfTested I was gonna say the same thing. But still, some people might enter it, and they'd kind of deserve what will happen for leaving their machine unattended (I don't know if there's another way of this getting into your aliases).
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    @kamen open port
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    @ScribeOfGoD You mean an open network port? How would that help?
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    @kamen if ssh is open someone could get in, edit a users alias, chown it back to them. Done deal
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    may be alias apt? Seems like a reasonable thing to use sudo for
    Also I will not be executed instantly so you will not get caught
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    @ScribeOfGoD Sure, but I think ssh would be password protected too - you can't just login without a password and do stuff.
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