Today we had so much comp-sci at school that it actually became distasteful. And this comes from someone who is considered to be a big enthusiast and hype about computers...

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    Might want to consider Electrical/Computer Engineering at uni if you like computers but not compsci as such

    That's my field, though I also basically do coding, but it's for hardware systems and stuff. There's a lot of cool stuff going on in ECE (comp arch, low power designs, accelerators etc.)

    (I love compsci, just wanted hardware)
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    @RememberMe no, I love comp-sci, but the students in my class were given an option: no breaks at ALL and come back home earlier or have normal breaks, and they chose the first option.

    It was jack shit.
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    @OmerFlame lol. Fairly natural tbh, I would probably do that too. Work done earlier = better
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    @RememberMe thing is, it was stuff that I already knew so I was bored without breaks.
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    @OmerFlame fair enough. Yeah compsci in school is generally useless. You just need to suffer through it till you hit undergrad, from then on it really picks up.
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    Compsci is not boring for those who don’t have extensive experience in the general computer logic field.

    But I started my learning process 6.5 years ago...
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    @OmerFlame tbh there's value in structured learning. Even if you've been doing it for ages on your own, school will be a lot more systematic about it and will cover stuff you missed (like data structures, eh :p)
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    @OmerFlame you sound unnecessarily defensive lol

    Chill man. It's natural to get worn tf out having to sit through lectures you already know. For the fourth time I had to sit through a HTML 101 lecture. Took all of 3 mins for me to zone out.

    Also, @RememberMe is right about no breaks. I'd have taken that too. Power through that shit and being free earlier is without a doubt better than having a few breaks
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    @RememberMe I learned data structures and that is exactly what we are learning right now.

    They WILL teach me binary trees though, and that I will learn from them.
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