What is the similarity of Java and JavaScript?

ANSWER: They are both ugly.

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    Youre mom ugly
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    @ganjaman hey thats my thing ;)
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    @ganjaman you are mum ugly?
    If your mum isn't ugly does that mean you aren't ugly either?
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    @Codex404 it's a type of uglyness - "mom ugly"
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    This is objectively true.
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    @sSam I understand, but where on the scale is it? Can you put the following in the correct order (and add the ones I missed)
    Mother ugly, sister ugly, fugly, mirror ugly
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    But.. what if I wanted to write gibberish code to do simple things in a very round about and resource hungry way? What would I use then? HUH ? WHERE ARE YOUR GODS NOW? ha ha ha ha haaa *laughs maniacally*
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