Apparently one of my classmates either really likes python or really hates js

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    I don't see what is weird or shit about this
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    Lol try running that in browser and you will see
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    Some people want to see the world burn!
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    @asgs print() will print.
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    I really like having a debug() function that console.debug()’s because I can turn them all off in one place. It’s also less typing.

    Generally though I use a nested logger that I wrote. It allows specifying logging level, indentation depth, tags, etc. makes reading the logs actually blissful.
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    @010001111 true, but it is not on the window object. It is misleading at best, but not as harmful as setting an alias for cd to do rm rf
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    Haha, let them see how it's done in Java before they make another excuse of shorten logger function.
    Plus, it's sickening to see they not using spread operator argument in console.log's alias.
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    I'm probably guilty of that as well.
    When I want to do some quick debug message on the console it's always a pain for my fingers to get to the . key for some reason.
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    Yeah, limiting console.log to one single parameter
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