Dear me,

Please, stop binging video games at 3 am.

Thank you.

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    !remind iiii "03:00" "daily":
    echo "Stop it, get some help"
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    But ask yourself.... do you _really_ want to stop? Why? What’s stopping you?
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    @AmyShackles I don't. But I have to because of the job next morning
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    @AmyShackles one time I've just binged Mark of the Ninja and finished it in one night at the same day I've bought it. That was awesome.
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    @iiii found the rant lol
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    @iiii Mark of the Ninja is awesome.
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    @Marl3x it is indeed
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    @F1973 🤯
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    The important questions....what game is burning the midnight oil?
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    @CodeBane this time it's Nier: Automata
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    @iiii .....Yeah I completely understand, my first playthrough was soooooo long, I was trying to do everything haha. Then found out how much of the game was left lol
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    @CodeBane I've already finished main quest first time. Then bought the game and lost the progress. Now it's the first run again but I've focused more on side quests and have found a lot I've missed I the first run. Even met some strange new enemies where they weren't before. Like two golden droids with lvl 25 but a HP amount of a 50 lvl. I've had to spend around 30 minutes to just kill them. I have no idea where those came from.

    I've failed the Wandering Couple!!! I did not know that quest has a timer and will auto fail if you won't go there in time. Now I'll have to finish it on the second run.
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    Also it's not that long so far. Only around 15 hours
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    @iiii lmao the golden droids, I was so confused like what the fuck is going on. Just randomly, raid boss haha. Annnddd did you challenge the droid on the roof in the city that gets upgrades every time you beat him?

    Was a very enjoyable game, wasn't a fan of the second playthrough tho, didn't like the hacking stuff, I'm much more of a "hit my problems away" type of player
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    @CodeBane yeah, casually walking into those in the entrance to sunken city bridge. They aren't hard. Just annoyingly FAT with HP.

    Tried hacking a bit. Not a fan of twin stick shooting as well but it's pretty okay on medium difficulty.

    Challenged the Papa a couple of times. But I'm.not sure whether it's not infinite

    Also somehow managed to beat the lvl 20 "deserters" while being at lvl 15 or less. It was unexpected to get such high level enemy so early.
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