Recruiters that sent me (3 times) a straight plain job offer that begins with "before apply please check carefully if you satisfy all the requirements" so without even spent time to check if I'm the person they're looking for (I'm not) should get the fuck out of my inbox.

Are they fucking using a bot? They reached that level of uselessness?

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    My linkedin is flooded with requests for Java jobs ... because I put JavaScript on my profile.

    There ya go.
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    Yes. Lazy fucks. I had several recruiters send me messages following the same template:

    "I was really impressed by your experience in <company name> as <position>. We are looking for.."

    Then you check the requirements, it fits none of your shit. One time, I put "Company Confidential" as my current company and voila, same damn template. I've been thinking about changing my company name and position and see what they do about it.

    "I was really impressed by your experience in Big Booties Brothel Lords as Professional Cocksucking Anal Knight."
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    @rutee07 in your case they at least used a template, here is a piece of job listing, without my name..
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    @rutee07 lmao classic
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    @JS96 hello ${person.name}
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