Looking for the most overblown fictional universe in any media which takes itself serious. XD

Warhammer 40.000 seems to take the cake. Any other recommendations? No reboots AND excluding MCU, DC

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    Interrupting the war topic, I would really like to recommend Ace Attorney. While it is mostly surreal, plot of main games proves itself to be serious from time to time 😃
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    Goddamn motherfucker. I've been planning to post something similar. I got sucked into the Warhammer 40k especially the necrons. Do you know why the fuck they went to sleep when they don't really have to? I've been searching for answers for weeks. I haven't slept, noyb. Help me.
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    40k is love. 40k is life.

    burn the heretic. kill the mutant. purge the unclean.

    its like what roman propaganda would be like today, if the roman empire still existed.
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    I love me some HW40K. What about Warframe? That lore is pure LSD.
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