First rant after coming on this website.
Took me 5 seconds to find the search component, GUYS? VISUAL DESCRIPTIONS?

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    Adding my 2 cents.
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    Get used to it, stuff ain't that fancy around here

    (But it works and, even with it's flaws, it's a great platform, we love it <3)
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    People use search?
    This is a mvp of a platform that could have been, it has it quirks, but that just adds to the experience 😅
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    Mate, if everything were perfect, you wouldn't have anything to rant about. It's all part of the plan

    *meme* (you know the one)
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    it was a rant. that's what the website is for. i'm over it now :p because i like this website now
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    @hasharnashar No worries!

    By the way, I just realised that I missed the opportunity to say "Oh, that's a bit harsh, OP" and now I'm disappointed
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    @Jilano tl:dr sarcasm
    for a dev that doesn't rant at all you dont have any right to judge the quality of my rant
    (wont give you a third opportunity to say it :p).
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    @hasharnashar Haha! I just complain out loud all day everyday, so I don't have anything to write down :D
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