@ Frontend devs:
Did you see Moon.js framework?
It's a very sad framework although i am not sure why it feels so Angular-ish vue.
But at least they are trying

What do you think

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    Haven't seen it, but I'm sure we don't need another one
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    Didn't know about it, but it looks pretty cool. I just read a bit of their about page, but if I understand everything correctly so far, the way it works seems very similar to Elm. I will definitely give it a try.
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    It is made by my friend Kabir as an experiment. It’s cool I guess but for anything more than todo list written in a hour you need more than just the framework, you need the somewhat mature framework
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    @uyouthe i cant risk a project with a beta release to be honest. but i am sure we dont need any extra frameworks
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    @Mb3gr no we need them
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