9 months ago my boss promised I would not be working on RPA anymore.

Monday, at 12:00, my boss assigned to me the maintenance of 13 robots.
Monday, at 15:00, I was talking to a recruiter and discussing my next job.


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    You wouldn't happen to feel like recommending a random stranger from the internet to be your replacement, would you?
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    @TheBeardedOne gimme enough reasons to hate you and I'd consider that
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    You should work with UiPath instead.

    Blue Prism is good, but it's way to much information in one single space to really understand what on earth the robot is doing..

    UiPath.. It just works and is easy to dig into.

    When I made the switch from a backend developer to RPA developer (uipath), I nailed the technical interview which consisted of creating a robot. Prior to that, I had never touched any uipath software at all..! 😊
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    @criger I'll be honest, I had enough with these money-grabbing RPA tools.
    They're expensive, unstable, and the management sell them to the client even in cases -like Excel data manipulation- where a simple Python script would work 100 times better with a lot less headaches on the developer's side.
    They ended up re-implementing all the constructs of a full fledged programming language -if\else, switch\case, try\catch, do\while, foreach and so on-, but paid so much more with so much less. The community is closed, no materials are found online, testing is slow 'cause robots are slow, there's no ecosystem, the only cool thing is that "you can blame the problems on Blue Prism", which sounds cool but means nothing 'cause you have to find the workaround anyway or the project can't go on. The whole concept is just rotten at the core.
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    Haha, yes, but that's something completely different.

    I was a bit worried in the beginning.
    I'll admit that.

    But afterwards, I figured out that as long as I could split the hard coding into an external application coded in another language, then that saved me from giving up the whole RPA path.

    But yes, RPA isn't good until you manage to make it intelligent and fast.
    The problem is when the customer demands a 110% stable robot within 1 week... 😂😂
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    @IHateForALiving I like automagica. It's an RPA tool which is open source, written in Python, works very well in my opinion and the source code is super easy to understand and modify if needed. Plus they have support you can pay for and some enhanced features like OCR (but you can even plug in your own OCR like a local copy of tesseract pretty easily)
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