It's official, I am quitting...

Boss walks in today while we busy discussing how to write up the new endpoint we need from the api and tells us there is too much discussion and as only woman can multitask, Dumi is the only person that can be productive...

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    what the?!
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    "Only women can multitask" Hahahaha what an idiot! I feel bad for your team (especially the women)
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    @tinybyte not the first such comment either. We have flown accross the country, not actually given a choice, in order to work unpaid overtime twice what is even legally allowed in our country, in order to attempt to save a project which is due in 2 weeks and owing to his constant changes won't be ready for at least 4 more months.

    Monday after our first 13 hour day, 5 of which is overtime a few guys opted to take the later uber into the office the next day and his response, albeit intended as a joke quite very strongly insinuated that we must not be lazy.

    This is just one week, he in general takes issue with in office communication and any form of disagreement with his opinion, regardless of how long it is and as suggested above who could not give 2 shits about the deadline as long as we do what he says.
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    @Pharilax luckily she is the only one, but she was not impressed, and I am the technical lead, she is our elastic search specialist and one of the other guys was the team lead,and we had the UI development lead as well, 4 of the 5 most senior developers on the project.
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    Man just leave. Dont stay in a place that dont think you can be prodactive cause either they will never give you the chance to prove them wrong, or over time they will become right.
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    Sounds like a bad joke.
    Just stare at him until he leaves....
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    That's really fucked up...
    Run as fast as you can!
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    Laugh at him, then continue the conversation as if he's not there. If he gets pissy, tell him to stop intetrupting productivity.

    If he flips his shit, walk out the door.
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    @RTRMS sorry to hear what you’re going through but sounds like you’re making the right decision and won’t be going through it much longer.
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    Mass quit
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