I'm the kind of person that can type without looking at the keyboard. But... I don't really know how to type, I just do it unconsciously. But when someone reminds me of the keyboard, or I think on the keyboard. I can't stop looking at it when typing. Suddenly I forget how to type. fuck fuck fuck now I can't stop looking at it.l ksajfn;laksj fpdsbaf;dsajfn

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    I have a similar problem. I can touch type, but not in total darkness. I just start missing keys a lot. No idea how this works.
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    This is now I am when typing qwerty. But when I type Colemak I don't have that issue. I think it's because I learned qwerty so long ago the key locations are more unconscious than conscious.
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    You could also just take some 5 minutes a day for a week and practice touch typing on any typing tutorial website. On a qwerty keyboard your hands rest/starts on certain set of keys...asdf and jkl;
    Eventually it becomes 2nd nature.
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    I have similar problem bro..
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