For those in the UK, go give the government a ass cramp by petitioning the snoopers' charter https://petition.parliament.uk/peti...

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    Honestly I understand why people don't want others snooping on there personal stuff, but honestly, I've got nothing to hide, so it doesn't bother me. Also if I've done nothing wrong then why would they be looking at me in the first place? Please don't kill me....
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    @Telescuffle maybe it is not so much that they are spying on you, but what would they do with all that information? Like having a twenty year old littering fine cause you not to get a job. Searching how to make a bomb have the newest dick trying to prove a point in parliament arrest you on suspicion , sure as hell they can make anything stick. So I think it more abuse of power than caring who has the data, then again we give google everything and all they do is sell us things, which is exactly what every fat fuck, sitting on his fancy new couch using is over prices iphone wants. So maybe government should just get money from selling the info and stop taxing people.
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