One shouldn't use 'rm -r' late at night -_- just deleted my entire NAS storage thinking I was in another directory

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    Right click...undo?
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    I wish
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    alias rm=“rm -ri --”

    If you want to delete forcefully or quickly, you’ll have to use your head, or start a new shell and temporarily unalias `rm`. Both should give you pause and force you to take the time to make sure you’re doing what you think you’re doing.
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    Never ever remove directly.
    Always move shit to a "tmp_trash" folder elsewhere and when you made sure everything is fine, then remove the tmp_trash contents. You could even alias that so you're sure you're just emptying that one folder's content.
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    I rm -rf often, but I always double check the path before hitting enter. (98% of the time, I’m just deleting node_modules/)
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    more like rm -r


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