Thomas had never seen such bullshit before (Insert name of that guy, who thinks Apple is hyped, and needs better password resets).

Honestly, when people say Indians are shit devs and write shit code, I could not really relate to that. I am an Indian, and I see pretty well educated, telented devs around.

Now I know why everyone else feels so.

I am sorry for his doings, people like him are the reason everybody hates us

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    You're about a week late to the party and I think we've picked on that thread's OP enough.
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    @RememberMe That last bit is debatable. The guy who publicly shared his 9001 online accounts (plus name, photo, dob, height, ...), who gave up trying to write a simple login, and who leaked megs of unauthorized personal data (and MIT licensed the lot) berated Apple for having “naïve” security. Yeah, I don’t think he’ll ever live that down.
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    @SortOfTested some kid posted that Apple security is hyped and that password resets are broken, and proceeded to demonstrate absolute ignorance of basic security practices and reasoning. Then some folks found that Mr. Security Expert's site leaked personal details (mail id, names, etc.) of his classmates and proceeded to send shall we say unsolicited messages to them. Absolute, multi-hundred comment shitshow.

    Would have been fine if he didn't insist on being right all the time. So yeah, a bunch of dR folks have been giving him the cold shoulder since then.

    @AvyChanna no, this was a kid messing up and being an idiot. The hate towards Indian devs is for many other reasons lel (warranted or not is a different thing).
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    @Root so you essentially want to Sisyphus-ize him? I think that's out of proportion.
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    Ah. Missed the party I guess. Stupid work.

    Mentioning India is becoming the new Godwin in internet tech circles.
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    @RememberMe Not presently, but absolutely if he doesn’t change his ways.
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    @Root (reply to edit) live that down, no. But posting about it again and again doesn't get anyone anywhere. And I'm definitely in the reeducation camp.

    Sure, if he continues to behave like that, go right on ahead. I'll join in.
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    @RememberMe Glad we agree. 😊
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    @RememberMe So... Should I just leave my pitchfork next to the door just in case?

    Side note, isn't there any "reeducation camp" in certain part of the world right now?
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    @Jilano I meant re-education, not "re-education" :p

    But hey, the latter are useful for shooting Disney movies apparently.
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    Why do I hate Indians:
    I don't

    Why do I hate Indian devs:
    I'm yet to meet a competent one!
    - now I'm not saying they don't exist, but for the love of god send me 1 for a change.
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    @RememberMe Ha! English is funny that way ;)
    You're right, though I'm not sure it was worth the hassle considering the backlash it's getting
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    Those cost money to employ. They make way more profit sending you the slackers who barely passed uni, don't care about engineering and have to work for a body shop because serious interests won't take them.
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    @SortOfTested money isn't the issue, but when "seniors" need me to tell them how to do basic shit, and I'm not talking 1 Dev, I'm taking many over the years, I'm starting to question if it's me who just knows to much and sets the bar to high, or these ass clowns are setting a very poor bar for the industry - hell it could be both, I'm open to judgment 😅
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    I'm not going to derail for once, you know my position 😋
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    Could someone share the original conversation?
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    He is a special nutjob, there are people like him everywhere.
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    @RememberMe I would like to know them, so I can have some self introspection

    @C0D4 Most of the good devs works in MNCs or reputed indigenous companies. If you hired cheap outsourcing, god help you.
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    My Indian colleague: *makes a PR with lots of bad codes*
    Me: hey bro, here's how you could improve your PR
    Him: sure, thanks
    Also him making the next PR: I'll fucking write the same bad code again.
    The worse thing is that if I don't review those bad PRs in time, my team lead (also an Indian) will merge them. He's ok with any code as long as it works and does not cause performance issue.

    Nevertheless my Indian team lead in my previous job is a really great guy, who I learned a lot from, not just coding but other matters too.
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    Ain't nobody got time to catch up on hundreds of bleps ,😋
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    Indians aren't bad. Poorly paid devs are bad, and people from West think Indians are worth less (because the country is relatively poorer) so they don't understand that paying Indians what they pay their Western colleagues would result in great quality.
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    There are so many reasons why people think Indian devs are bad, and, this is not even one of them. We can blame education system, but it's not worth blaming. Even if you graduate in India, recruiters can't be sure whether you are actually capable or have just theoretical knowledge. Most people are not even interested in computers but still do CS because it has the highest Cut-off. Here, society thinks Branch depends on marks. There are some bad Indian devs and some really good ones, It's not about stereotype. If you are skilled, nobody is going to bother you.
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    I said something similar already.

    I disagree on one point: paying better doesn't guarantee quality. Bodyshops will still send us the same slackers who want to put in their five years and make management or get stateside and stop writing code.

    The only thing that consistently works to get actual indian talent is opening your own shop in India and paying more for those hires directly.
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