My guide to know if your startup is failing:
My Qualifications: Every startup I've joined has failed. Not necessarily because of me.
For the sake of me typing faster, x=startup.

1) X doesn't have a product, but just an idea that x keeps pitching as the next "big thing". (What's with this shit anyway?)

2)X keeps changing products, One day your designing IoT sex toys and the next day your building a self aware AI. For some reason, the people at X saw Silicon Valley or that meme about how Instagram was created and thought "Fuck that happens to every moron who can switch on a computer."

3) Even worse, X keeps changing industries.

4) X keeps lying to you, your marginal user base and seems overall unethical. (You should leave at this point.)

5) X wants to target some obscure and very specific market and keeps pitching the company along the following lines
<famous_company> for <random_market>
Eg: "Yo bro it's like Amazon but for necrophiles."

6)X keeps saying that X is the next big thing. (X is not and I can't emphasize this point enough.)

What you should realize is this is my general observation and some or all of these points may not apply to every situation.

Sorry for typos and any other stuff.

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    I lost it at "Amazon for necrophiles" lol. Good points mate.
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    TBH I think "Amazon for necrophiles" is the next big thing 😂👍🏽
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    Amazing xD (for necrophiles)
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    Your examples 😄
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    It's like reddit but for developers!
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    I would agree with your points but its worth to keep in mind that 80% of startups fail and its hard to know in advance which ones.
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    Amazon for necrophiles 😂 shit!😂
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    I've seen startups get praised for the ability to "pivot," which in their case meant, "completely change directions and start over after getting investors and free labor on board." Yeah, it's cool if it works, but in their case it didn't, and alienated their supporters.
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    @Charlaxy I believe every startup gets only one "pivot". But when a startup keeps pivoting they're just trying to prevent the inevitable.
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    you got me with Amazon for Necrophiles ;)
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