A friend of mine wrote a script that blinks the IP (in binary) of his raspberry pi.

I mean, I'm both disappointed and intrigued.

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    So is it 1 32bit binary string, 4 8 bit binary strings or a 128bit binary string? 🤔
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    @SortOfTested 1x32bits :)

    Each bit is 1 second long with 4 rapid blinks notating the end. becomes 11000000101010000000000100010010 *4 rapid blinks*
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    Why would you be disappointed? That's a cool thing he did
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    @endor the part where he can't even read it out himself xD
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    To be fair, that's 2 minutes (at best, you may need to wait for the end signal to be able to start reading) of intense concentration required to get all the information.

    He should add a hamming code to be able to error-correct 1 misread and detect 2, and would only need to suffer through 8 more bits for it :D

    (Or he could make an app to scan the led and get his code, bonus is he can make the blinking faster)

    (Or use Morse code)
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    Also, considering you display the local IP, might as well only show the bits that aren't in masked, that'll shorten read time significantly

    (I'm taking way too much of an interest in this)
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    Ooh, possibly fun one: an ethernet dongle with integrated IP display: basically a passthrough, but when an IP frame is sent from the device connected to its male-ended side, the sender filed is read and displayed on a tiny LCD on the dongle.

    (Can you tell I spend too much time figuring out which IP to connect to on the various raspis I interact with at work?)
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    Have fun watching a full IPv6 address
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    @CptFox Add a button to it, when you press it, it'll play a voice record of you angrily yelling the IP that you forgot again.

    @realLifeMock the single ++ I can give for that isn't enough for that comment.
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    @FinlayDaG33k As much as I love the idea, I'm not the only one setting up the routers on which we plug them (we have a few of these, with one router per prototype), and my colleagues don't seem to care much, since they only set up the one they use. But since I'm the one coding for the pies, I need to SSH into them every now and then, and that gets annoying real quick when I need to play the guessing game
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    @CptFox Well, no need to guess when the bloody thing literally yells it's IP at you : >
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