The most tedious thing known to man is rewriting your css for mobile after you just spend 3 hours perfecting it for landscape devices

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    That's why you make it for mobile first
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    @theabbie Feels unintuitive to me. Don’t know why.
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    @Cyanide huge amount of people dont even use laptops or pcs anymore because they can do everything they need with a phone. So its intuitive to target them since thats where future is heading
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    @zemaitis Yep. Understand you. Was just giving my view.
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    Mobile first, expand for desktop, prey tablet doesn't go to hell, and bam most users covered.

    Finally something we can agree on @theabbie 🤗
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    @C0D4 Thank you sir, You are the first person who agreed to me on DevRant
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    @Cyanide You’re weird. If that doesn’t work for you, imagine your screen is a square.

    There. Best of both worlds without mobile, nor desktop first.
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    @010001111 You really are emotional about code(-related things).
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