Waiting for the floors I just mopped to dry, and I'm still thinking about migrating and if, for example, the swiss give me a good job offer, I would most likely stick around. I don't hate to stick around Europe, but it defo doesn't have any of the elements I like. (megacity, snows, English speaking, multicultural, non-torturous migration laws)

Like, I'm at that point where I'm not making enough money and want to leave (also, gaining the freedom to leave from degree soon enough) but I absolutely hate my home place (personal reasons) but they pay a crapton better, plus I can get social security benefits.

... And I want to do a phd. 😐
Someone beat some sense into me please.

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    Home is where you can shit in peace.
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    I think japan would suit your needs.
    Snow - best snow in the world for skiing.
    Tokyo - megacity
    English - you can try if you work in some corporate and learn language later
    Immigration- saw that’s better now as japan changed rules last year
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    @vane can you elaborate on rules?
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    @iiii Sorry can’t help you cause never been there but there’s point system that’s good for it professionals you can google it.
    I remember there are or were some expats leaving in japan on devrant.
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    @vane yeah my field is all English anyways, so the question of language is about society. I tried it with Germany and I got so lazy at learning the language that I even forgot most of what I knew.
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    @NoMad do germans speak so much english that there's no reason to know german anymore?
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    @iiii not when your interaction is limited to ordering food and paying the cashier 😜
    (I haven't made many friends. Covid fucked those I had too)
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    @NoMad I would really be surprised if cashiers here would know English 🤔
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    @iiii many do. When I get stuck and start mumbling, they talk English to me as the idiot foreigner that I am. 😜
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    @NoMad lol. Baka gaijin
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    @NoMad silly foreigner in Japanese
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    If you want to immigrate to Switzerland, don't forget that food, rents etc. also cost much more, somewhat proportional to the salary increase. 😉
    English shouldn't be a problem, most can speak basic English and if you work in a bigger city like Zurich, English in day to day life is no problem.
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    @Cyanide Sir, that is poetry.
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