Thank you JavaScript.

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    Don't forget PHP with Javascript. You could do == in both, but thats not type safe.
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    Size doesn't matter you know. All codes are beautiful.
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    @Enocra I'd have to argue that, some codes are complete shit ;D hence why no one uses them.
    And some are just damn annoying, like PHP.
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    @Enocra a wild brainfuck appeared. It seems amused by your statement.
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    Basic what? That's a goddam assignment in every single language that I know.
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    @anamus Some languages use

    a := "a"

    And lisp doesn't use it at all for assignment

    (def a "a") ; This defines a variable.
    (= a "a") ; This checks for equality.
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    @nmunro remind me to stay away from lisp. That looks hideous.
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    @fishy It's an interesting syntax.

    (def a "a")
    (if (= a "a")
    (println "a is \"a\"")
    (println "a is \"" a ""\"))
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    Prolog and Erlang:
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    @ElectricCoffee it's got some funny warts on it
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    We gonna just ignore that 8=D , 8==D, and 8===D were dick emojis before emojis
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