What’s your best answer to “how long will it take you to find and fix that bug?”

It drives me fucking nuts!
“I don’t know (ffs), could be ten minutes, could be ten weeks.” - that’s by default right know, but that’s not always appropriate.

You guys have maybe analogies that managers understand ?

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    "If I knew how long it would take I would just fix it..."

    Strangely I've found even dense folks will take that vague answer.
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    I just create 2 tasks:
    - Investigate source of bug: 1 story point
    - Fix the bug -> predecessor 1
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    Tell me how to reproduce it - 1 day
    Identify bug - 1-30 minutes
    Fix bug - between now and Christmas.
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    "Same duration it took you to find your mom's clit."
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    “I will update you on this by CoB”
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    “I’ll let you know when I know more.”
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    "It depends.."
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    About as long as a car is expensive.
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