Client wants a cricket based website made so I gotta search Google for images and shit.

Getting every cricket related update+merchandise ads on all possible apps/platforms..

I don't even watch cricket

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    so you're admitting to stealing licensed images from google image search for cash? 😲
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    Until the last sentence I was thinking about the insect, I was like "wut?"
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    First thought: why does he want a site about insects?
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    We already have enough websites on Cricket

    I don't know what business Your client does by being a cricket aggregator or whatever. They should look to do something else
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    Fuck that website. But start watching cricket.
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    One day..... nope, I give up, the average user doesn't know wtf an adblocker is 🀷‍♂️, I'll see myself out.🚢🏻‍♂️
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    Just deliver him a website about insects and cheap cell phones with a section on beer. That's the sport in a nutshell.
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    @C0D4 I do use ad blocker, but it's not just the ads on chrome, it's also the news updates from Google, IG and other recommend shit..
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