maybe it's time feature is added for devrant simple community dev projects. there could be games, parody websites, you name it. projects could be hosted on github, and indexed at a "projects" tab here on devrant, so we can choose something and start rolling with our pals from devrant when we get bored at work :) @dfox (inspired by rant from @Notebookdeviant)

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    Thanks for the suggestion/quality idea. We're actually considering doing something along those lines and we think it could make sense based on a number of requests from the community.

    Is there anything else you'd specifically enjoy seeing in a feature like that? To put it another way, what would the feature need to have for you to say, "woah, that's awesome, I have to get in on that/use it."
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    well we already say that for a lot of stuff here, so thanks for devrant :) looking forward to seeing projects then...
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    You mean bug?
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