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Is there a way to hide ++ and notifs from the UI itself
I am thinking about the current UI, seems like it is designed to “catch-up”.
A more refreshing design would be where i get to hide all the ++ and notifs from the UI itself.
That way App engagement is solely based on my realistic interest rather than an need for external validation

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    hey don't touch my devRant addiction! 😄
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    @heyheni i am asking to have a switch that hide that in UI for my account.
    Others can have it enabled.
    What i mean to say is You get to choose your drugs
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    I have not invested over 1500 days into this place for such radical ideas to be spawned 🧐

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    It has a positive impact of discouraging most of the shit posters. Without it, it's liable to become a quora-esque dumping ground.
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    @SortOfTested again repeating, asking it to disable in personal UI, it will be visible to others,
    So all the ++ and - - will be visible to others. “Shit posters” is very opinionated/subjective term, cause definition of shit changes from person to person also change for same person based on time /mood.

    Also discouragement by disengagement is better than discouragement by labels.

    Less ++ is not a logical way for discouragement but it is a way to align people to accept a general opinion

    If you think about it ++ is the only reason why shit posting started because it can give a feeling of instant gratification that we need so user doesn’t think too much before posting
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    We can agree to disagree. 😋 It's my opinion that sheltering people from disapproval is the next worst thing to actively enabling bad behavior.
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    May be a beta test is required to reach the logical conclusion
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    Create a Mod for yourself, or if you use website, create chrome extension to do that
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