So today in class, we had the task of presenting poems, for whatever godforsaken reason.

I finished mine last minute and guess who's been the lucky student who had to read theirs.

It then included things such as, roughly translated from german.

Hey actually I could use the translate bot for this but can't be bothered.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't rhyme and neither can you"
"Roses are dead, violets are dead, democracy is dead"
"Roses are red, violets are red, everything is red, communism"
"Roses are red, violets are red, blood is red, god is dead"

Then I finished up with a Nietzsche quote "God is dead, god remains dead and we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves yadda yadda"

Actually didn't get fucked over by the teach.
Course and teach quite liked it apparently, can someone explain to me why that is?

Cause I genuinely do not understand what could be likable about such 0815 garbage that's just memes?

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    Arthouse poetry
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    They thought it was deep.
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    I read "God is dead" and instantly thought of Nietzsche. I'm reading the books btw - finished the first (Menschliches, Allzumenschliches) and started the second (Also sprach Zarathustra) a while ago.

    https://youtube.com/watch/... :)

    Noone knows every meme - yes, even this or that or whatever. :P

    And btw - there are many people just living, feeling, interacting with their world as simple as their mind is, therefore they may laugh about or like even such poetic skills.
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    The less effort you put into and the more you try to assemble bullshit as "art", the more art people gonna like it.

    Something that has absolutely no meaning, will be considered as deep a f...
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    @Cyberman huh, this would match with my previous experience regarding turning in crap.
    Apparently a bunch of literal cardboard garbage got me and my friend an A in arts and crafts back then.
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    I know this too good when the maths teacher wanted to make sure, we all did our homework.

    We would say one solution per person. I would usually count when I'm gonna be it and try figure out the exact task and solve only that one.

    Unfortunately, the sitting order was never really that straight forward. So I would occasionally have an off-by-one failure which lead the teacher to know i didn't do it.

    I also guess that the teacher would sometimes scramble up the order just to prevent such tries.

    All in all it had like a 65% success rate.
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